Advertising Partners
When it comes to DOOH, DZT is the top choice for Advertisers, Short form content producers, Restaurant/Bars, Taxi cabs and Gas Station retailers who want their message on a proven medium that delivers over 3000 verifiable, true impressions a day.

  • Creating a sure way to get their message across
  • Best at capturing their audience’s attention
  • Creates a powerful drive to action
  • Well appreciated for its’ non-intrusive nature
  • Positive interaction, generating higher purchase intent

Our affordable digital advertising solutions:

  • Save you time
  • Provide innovative targeted advertising
  • Allow for flexible campaign locations, lengths and play time
  • Give you full control of when and where you advertisements are played
  • Captivate customers
  • Showcase your product or service to the captive consumer
  • Provide you with local, regional and national reach